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The Great Opportunity Party

South Carolina Republican Voices
  • “Our kids should never feel that they are more or less worthy based on where they live. Our children should all feel like they have every opportunity to be as successful as they dream to be.”

  • “Obamacare is, has been, and will remain a financial disaster for our nation. I will continue to fight to repeal, replace, defund, and opt-out of this disaster of a law.”

  • “I believe in the power of opportunity in America. In a single lifetime, families can go from not being given a fair chance to read to graduating from college. We only need a level playing field to start from, a fair chance to succeed, and an appreciation for education and hard work.”

  • “The United States can create more taxpayers by putting a stop to President Obama’s anti-small business, pro-union, and hyper-regulatory agenda that has made it harder for businesses to grow and create jobs.”